Time is Fast in Denmarkota

Dir.Edit. Heidi Mortenson
Timelapse Footage. Randy Halverson
Music. Et Stykke Mindre (A Small Piece) taken from Mørk EP Heidi Mortenson
Released on March 5th 2012
RUMP Recordings / nosnetrom Ltd.
Timelapses filmed in Dakota, US

This 2 min. 45 sec. short film underlines a coolly haunting electronica score by Danish musician, producer, artist Heidi Mortenson. This piece is in the remote galaxy of Fever Ray, but features native tongue, more fuzzy sfx, and tighter, heavier beat production. I expect wonderful things from her in the future. Her new EP, Mørk, is released March 5th, 2012 and will feature all Danish language vocals, more sizzling electronic zaps of inspirations.

The timelapse footage was shot by Randy Halverson in the Dakotas and edited by Heidi. She also throws in some extra b-roll. Shout out to Mac Classic OS!

(c) nosnetrom

(c) nosnetrom

Filmmakers and the like can license his footage and stills for personal projects or order prints. Randy has had his cosmic timelapse footage and photography broadcast on CNN and other channels and websites. You can see more on his technique by clicking on the motion control rig below…

(c) dakotalapse

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